Nothing shows off a creative’s work like a photo…

Business Tips, Instagram Hashtag Engine, Marketing

What’s the difference between versus Flick.Tech?

Why do you even need it in your life, especially if you are trying to increase your SEO and when Instagram is forever changing its algorithm!

As of July 2021, Instagram is favoring saves firsts, shares second…

Being A Paper Florist, Color, Color Theory As A Paper Florist, Paper Flowers

To make the best paper flowers you can, understanding the fundamentals is key. Think about choosing the right weight of crepe paper. One aspect that often gets overlooked is color theory.

April Posey Box, Flower Bloom Stages

If you’re like me, seeing those little green shoots in the dirt and feeling the sun on my face has kept my spirits high, even during this turbulent time. …

Color Shifting, Design Masters, How To

Have you seen this month’s amazing featured flower here at the Posey Box? The calla lilies are absolutely bursting with beautiful spring colors! To create the unique blends of color on each bloom, we used one of our favorite tools: Design Master. …

Paper To Profits

I first discovered my artistic side when I started creating paper flowers. It was a revelation to work with crepe paper! I found such joy, and my imagination and creativity grew by leaps and bounds.

You’re just as passionate about paper flowers, I’m sure. That’s why you’re…

Floral Crown, May Posey Box, Tutorial

Daisies are a well-loved and popular flower-and for good reason! Nothing brings a smile to my face quite like a daisy. It’s just so cheerful! Unsurprisingly, daisies have long represented youthfulness and innocence. …

Quynh Nguyen

A Paper Artist | Creator | Educator | Podcaster of Paper Talk

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